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GOD IS LIGHT by Foster H. Shannon

This fresh and positive apologetic for biblical Christianity deals with many of the critical questions asked about the Christian religion. There are three main sections: “The Intellect and the Bible”, “The Moral Order and the Bible”, “The Bible and Life and Hope”. An excellent book to give to honest inquirers and ideal for study groups. Profound in thought, but lucid in presentation. Twenty illustrations. ISBN 0-938462-00-8 Soft Cover / 240 pages, Retail Price$12.99

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The God is Light Study Guide by Foster H. Shannon

The God is Light Study Guide is designed for use by study groups of from 12 to 16 weeks. This study will help to bring the inquiring to Christ. It will strengthen the believer in their faith, and equip them to bear more effective witness for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Study Guide features a brief summary of each chapter of Foster’s classic, GOD IS LIGHT with discussion questions and bibliography. ISBN 0-938462-16-4 Soft Cover / 36 pages.

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