THE SCROLL WITH SEVEN SEALS (What the Book of Revelation Really Says)


Dr. Foster H. Shannon 
A fresh look at the book of Revelation is provided by Dr. Shannon’s etraordinary book. It is intended to encourage the general reader to become a student of one of the most important books in the Bible. It includes eight outstanding illustrations by Emmy Award winning artist, Ruth Elliott.


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The Introduction and Background sections lay the groundwork for a careful, informed reading of the book. In an explanation of the contents of Revelation many of the problems that the reader will encounter are clarified to lead to enjoyable reading and easier understanding. The process that led to the contents of the book was inductive study; not imposing pre-conceived concepts on Revelation, but taking care at every turn to present the message contained in the book as clearly as possible. As a result, it presents a fresh perspective on Revelation. Many of the warnings of Revelation are seen, not in a fatalistic sense, but as presenting the hope of redemption to those who will heed its message. Revelation begins in the first century with the early church, proceeds through history until the return of Christ, and warns of cataclysmic events prior to that return.
It is essentially a book of hope for Christians that their Savior will be with them in whatever trials and difficulties are ahead, and that an absolutely glorious future awaits them in Christ’s coming kingdom. It is a book of hope for the unbelieving, in that it warns of the consequences of persisting in unbelief and consistently affirms God’s invitation to believe in him and drink of the waters that he generously offers. 
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ISBN 0-93846-22-9 Soft Cover 120 pages

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