William J Bennett is a former Secretary of Education in the Reagan Administration This book presents a comprehensive survey of the college/university scene in the United States.

Dr. Bennett feels strongly that it is erroneous to propose that everyone should get a college degree. He points out that training is offered or should be offered in perhaps as many as forty businesses, technical instrumental operations, health service specialties, and construction skills—where many will find a career that will produce a lifetime net income higher than that of many college graduates (especially so when the cost of paying off student loans is subtracted).

He states that of the 35,000 colleges and universities in the United States, only 1,500 are worth the money! He gives substantial information on the best schools, opportunities for scholarships, and alternate college level programs that are focused on job preparation. It has valuable information on colleges with a Christian worldview.

From The Washington Times Review of the book: “ College has simply become too expensive. What killed it is explained by the ‘Bennett Hypothesis’: College tuition will rise as long as the amount of money available through federal student aid continues to increase with little or no accountability’. We have created a subprime higher-education bubble and Mr. Bennett and Mr. Wilezol aim to let some of the air out of it”.

When approximately 50% of unemployed Americans* have attended college or are college graduates, the answer to “Is College Worth It?” might be found in Dr. Bennett’s book.


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