The New Atheism refers to a movement of the previous two decades that has declared war on Christianity. It is based on the presumption that its adherents are at the apex of learning and understanding, and that all who believe in God are stupid, misguided, and foolish. The new atheists attempted to designate themselves as “Brights”, but that has not taken hold. The New Atheism is not to be laughed at or taken lightly. They have gathered around them a sympathetic company of secularists who would at best put Christianity in a straight jacket and at worst would be willing to destroy it completely. Its effects can be seen in the restrictions on public prayers offered in the name of Jesus; on a substantial part of our population unwilling to greet with “Merry Christmas”, and the reluctance of high school teachers to include Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address in their teaching. The new atheists suffer from the delusion that all of the troubles in the world are caused by religion. They lump all religions together as the problem, without recognizing the substantial differences between them. McGrath, a former atheist, takes them on in a very well written and clear manner exposing their misguided motives and fallacies.
Contents: Part One, What is the New Atheism?
Part Two, Engaging the New Atheism:Three Core Themes.
Part Three: Where Does the New Atheism Go from here?
McGrath holds two doctorates from the University of Oxford, a D.Phil in Molecular Biophysics and a Doctor of Divinity in Theology. This book is excellent for anyone concerned about this subject.

ISBN 978-0-8499-4645-5 Soft Cover 200 pages

WHY GOD WON’T GO AWAY, by Alister McGrath, Thomas Nelson

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