God Is Alive And Well

Is there a future to religion in America? According to Frank Newport, there is!

“Grounded in more than a million Gallup interviews, the book shows that not only do a majority of Americans believe in God and say that religion is important—but that religion is intertwined in most aspects of their daily lives.  It’s entirely possible, Newport argues, that religion will be even more important in the years ahead.” (From the cover)

The Author has noted the rising tide of a militant atheism, its criticisms and statements demeaning Christianity—inferring that it is a declining religion with little significance.  He finds such allegations to be far from the mark.  He gives an abundance of evidence of the significance of religion in America.  While as a social scientist he covers all religions in the United States, the reader needs to understand that 90 % of those who say they are religious will identify as Christians.

This is one of the most informative (and the most up-to-date) books that have been written about religion in America.  He documents the downward drift of the “mainline denominations” and the ability of Protestantism to maintain itself and grow by transforming into thousands of groups.  He documents the evidence for better health and well-being among those who are strongly religious.    He also notes that the more strongly religious a person is, the more likely that he/she will identify with the Republican party.  This book is for everyone who is interested in religion in America, and is indispensable for all pastors and leaders.

GOD Is Alive And Well, (The Future of Religion in America) by Frank Newport

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