Faith In The Halls of Power

Drawing on personal interviews with an astonishing array of prominent Evangelical Americans, including two former Presidents, dozens of political and government leaders, more than 100 top business executives, plus Hollywood moguls, intellectuals, athletes, and other powerful figures–D. Michael Lindsay shows first-hand how they are bringing their vision of moral leadership into the public square.

Lindsay shows how evangelicals became a force in American foreign policy, how Fortune 500 companies are becoming faith-friendly, and how the new generation of the faithful is led by “cosmopolitan evangelicals.” These are well-educated men and women who read both The New York Times and Christianity Today, and who are wary of the evangelical masses’ penchant for polarizing rhetoric, apocalyptic pot-boilers, and bad Christian rock. Perhaps most startling is the importance of personal relationships between leaders–a quiet conversation after Bible study can have more impact than thousands of people marching in the streets.

Michael Lindsay’s Faith in the Halls of Power is a compelling read. His book reveals what is really going on behind the scenes in the evangelical world.Soft Cover, 332 pages, 

Faith In The Halls of Power, by D. Michael Lindsay

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