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We are pleased to offer you Graham Baird’s book: One Hundred Years of Ministry: A Practical Guide for Ministers and Church Leaders.

100 Years-Graham BairdGraham Baird is an ‘out of the box’ minister In California’s wine country. He planted his church in a rented movie theater in Paso Robles 6 years ago with a congregation of 50 adults and 3 children.  Today, Graham ‘s church is the fastest growing Presbyterian Church in the United States.  With over 1,000 church attendees after 6 years, his story is an impressive one.  But the bigger story, which he has written, is about his family’s 100 years of ministry that has provided the foundation for his success.
“The idea for the book came as I talked to a lot of church leaders, pastors and elders, who were struggling in tears over the phone, saying that they don’t know what to do in a particular situation. “ said Baird.  I found myself talking about how I can help them by remembering what my grandpa would have done. “
Graham’s book is practical, inspiring and loaded with humor, colorful stories and memorable insights from four generations of ministry experiences. The anecdotes from Graham’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather provide meaningful answers to everyday concerns and issues that face churches and its leaders today:
Questions of calling
Financial scrapes
Marital Juggling Acts 
Elder board challenges

Read how Graham’s church motto  “NO Perfect People Allowed” and his 100 Years of Ministry experience have helped him build a church that thrives.

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