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In Foster Shannon’s eighth book, Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity, he has written the essential sourcebook for Christians to strengthen one’s faith, providing a more informed understanding of Christianity for those still not sure and challenging non- believers to question their choices.

Throughout his 50+ years of pastoral experience, questions have been asked and theories challenged about Christianity. Doctor Shannon’s insightful answers to these often asked questions are now shared in this book. Thirteen chapters focus on the worthiness and reliability of the Bible, the future of Christianity and how to live a Christian lifestyle in today’s secular world. Including:

Why are some people eternally separated from God?

How do we know that the Bible is the inspired word of God?

How should Christians live in an increasingly secular age?

What will bring spiritual renewal to the individual and to the Church?

Complete with Index of Topic and Bible Quotations. This book will make you think!

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Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity by Foster H. Shannon

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Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity is an essential handbook for every Christian. Foster Shannon provides deep spiritual knowledge of present day issues while remaining practical and engaging.  This book should be a part of every Christian’s library and a reference tool for answering those questions that might be posed by both non-believers and other Christians.” ~Dr. Christie Curtis, Professor, Biola University

About The AuthorFoster_headshot_sm
Dr. Foster H. Shannon is the Founder and President of Green Leaf Press, a non-profit ministry that encourages reading books that help to defend Christianity and encourage Christian living.

Shannon graduated from the University of Californ
ia, Berkeley in political science and obtained a Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary in church growth. 

An avid swimmer, reader and lover of good music, Foster is also an enthusiastic fan of the Chicago Cubs and the California Bears. Married to his wife Janis for over sixty years with two children, they have traveled extensively throughout the world meeting new friends and sharing the love of God.


MERE CHRISTIANITY, C. S. Lewis (Harper Collins)

Lewis wrote more than a score of books, but if a person were to read only one, then Mere Christianity should be the book. Dr. Lewis states his purpose in the Preface, “Ever since I became a Christian, I have thought that best, perhaps the only, service I could do for my unbelieving neighbours was to explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times.” This classic book is surely one of the best ever to encourage belief in Christ. 

250 pages

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TRANSFORMING CHURCH, by Kevin G. Ford, David C. Cook


TRANSFORMING CHURCH  By Kevin G. Ford, David C. Cook

This book is brimming with expert analyses of commitments and cultures that will help churches brake free from the log jams that hinder them—to attain new life, joyful ministry, and increasing effectiveness. Not only are the principles of transformation enunciated, but the stories of several churches that have moved from stagnation to vibrancy are told. One key to positive change is to gain an understanding of the “code” of the church. Usually that code has grown over many years and become well rooted. If not understood, it will make the church seem inflexible and fixed on the past. Once understood, it provides a foundation for reevaluation, spiritual renewal, and growth. Once a church has a clear compelling mission and picture of the future, it can develop focused strategies to begin moving toward the vision.

ISBN 978-1-4347-6704-2 Soft Cover 283 pages

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So You Want to Study the Bible?

By Dr. Foster H. Shannon
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This book is written especially for people who want to know about the Bible, but are uncertain how to begin or who want more help on the way. It provides the essential information for getting underway in Bible study. It includes a one year Bible reading plan to get the reader established in his or her long term plan for Bible study. It provides encouragement and guidance for digging into the Bible. It is written with confidence in the full inspiration and authority of the entire Bible. It provides a framework for understanding the relationships of the parts of the Bible to the whole. Much of the material is intended as a continuing reference for Bible study. An excellent first book for introducing people to the Bible, and for encouraging renewal in Bible study. ISBN 0-938462-20-2 Soft Cover / 64 pages Retail $4.99   $3.24 – ALL BOOKS 35% discount!

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The Rage Against God, Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens is the brother of rabid atheist, Christopher Hitchens. Both were born in England and raised by parents that believed in God. Evidently though raised together, they were not close. Both turned from a Trotskyite socialism to political and economic conservatism. Both began as atheists at about ten years of age. Christopher became an increasingly fierce atheist as he grew older. In 2007, he published, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.

His brother, Peter, became disillusioned both with socialism and atheism—and over a period of time became a Christian. His book, The Rage Against God is a compelling apologetic for Christianity. He is a superb writer, immediately engages the reader, and presents the case for Christianity from a personal point of view. He is very well read. His thinking is comprehensive. Overall this book makes a compelling case for believing in the Bible and in Jesus Christ.

The first section of the book, Part 1, is autobiographical, explaining Peter’s journey from faithlessness to strong faith in Jesus Christ. Part 2 “Addressing the Three Failed Arguments of Atheism” deals with the following refutations of Atheistic arguments;

  1. Is Christianity responsible for many of the wars in the world?
  2. Is it possible to have a sound moral and legal system without God?
  3. Are atheistic political leaders somehow not influenced by their atheism?

Part 3 is entitled: “The League of the Militant Godless”.
Peter Hitchens effectively refutes the claims of atheists that the atheistic philosophy of the Communist rulers had nothing to do with the murderous cruelty of Communist governments. He states, “Soviet power was, as it was intended to be, the opposite of faith in God. It was faith in the greatness of humanity and in the perfectibility of human society. The atheists cannot honestly disown it.”

ISBN 978-0-310-33509-2 Soft Cover 224 pages (Retail price $14.99)

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God Is Alive And Well (The Future of Religion in America) by Dr. Frank Newport

“Grounded in more than a million Gallup interviews, the book shows that not only do a majority of Americans believe in God and say that religion is important—but that religion is intertwined in most aspects of their daily lives.  It’s entirely possible, Newport argues, that religion will be even more important in the years ahead.” (From the cover)

The Author has noted the rising tide of a militant atheism, its criticisms and statements demeaning Christianity—inferring that it is a declining religion with little significance.  He finds such allegations to be far from the mark.  He gives an abundance of evidence of the significance of religion in America.  While as a social scientist he covers all religions in the United States, the reader needs to understand that 90 % of those who say they are religious will identify as Christians.

This is one of the most informative (and the most up-to-date) books that have been written about religion in America.  He documents the downward drift of the “mainline denominations” and the ability of Protestantism to maintain itself and grow by transforming into thousands of groups.  He documents the evidence for better health and well-being among those who are strongly religious.    He also notes that the more strongly religious a person is, the more likely that he/she will identify with the Republican party.  This book is for everyone who is interested in religion in America, and is indispensable for all pastors and leaders.

Hardcover 268 pages, Retail Price  $24.95/ Our price: $16.20 + free shipping!

Faith In The Halls of Power

Faith In The Halls of Power, by D. Michael Lindsay

Soft Cover, 332 pages, Retail $16.95  Our price: $11.00 plus free shipping

Drawing on personal interviews with an astonishing array of prominent Evangelical Americans, including two former Presidents, dozens of political and government leaders, more than 100 top business executives, plus Hollywood moguls, intellectuals, athletes, and other powerful figures–D. Michael Lindsay shows first-hand how they are bringing their vision of moral leadership into the public square.

Lindsay shows how evangelicals became a force in American foreign policy, how Fortune 500 companies are becoming faith-friendly, and how the new generation of the faithful is led by “cosmopolitan evangelicals.” These are well-educated men and women who read both The New York Times and Christianity Today, and who are wary of the evangelical masses’ penchant for polarizing rhetoric, apocalyptic pot-boilers, and bad Christian rock. Perhaps most startling is the importance of personal relationships between leaders–a quiet conversation after Bible study can have more impact than thousands of people marching in the streets.

Michael Lindsay’s Faith in the Halls of Power is a compelling read. His book reveals what is really going on behind the scenes in the evangelical world.