Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity


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In Foster Shannon’s eighth book, Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity, he has written the essential sourcebook for Christians to strengthen one’s faith, providing a more informed understanding of Christianity for those still not sure and challenging non- believers to question their choices.

Throughout his 50+ years of pastoral experience, questions have been asked and theories challenged about Christianity. Doctor Shannon’s insightful answers to these often asked questions are now shared in this book. Thirteen chapters focus on the worthiness and reliability of the Bible, the future of Christianity and how to live a Christian lifestyle in today’s secular world. Including:

Why are some people eternally separated from God?

How do we know that the Bible is the inspired word of God?

How should Christians live in an increasingly secular age?

What will bring spiritual renewal to the individual and to the Church?

Complete with Index of Topic and Bible Quotations. This book will make you think!

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Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity by Foster H. Shannon

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Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity is an essential handbook for every Christian. Foster Shannon provides deep spiritual knowledge of present day issues while remaining practical and engaging.  This book should be a part of every Christian’s library and a reference tool for answering those questions that might be posed by both non-believers and other Christians.” ~Dr. Christie Curtis, Professor, Biola University

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Dr. Foster H. Shannon is the Founder and President of Green Leaf Press, a non-profit ministry that encourages reading books that help to defend Christianity and encourage Christian living.

Shannon graduated from the University of Californ
ia, Berkeley in political science and obtained a Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary in church growth. 

An avid swimmer, reader and lover of good music, Foster is also an enthusiastic fan of the Chicago Cubs and the California Bears. Married to his wife Janis for over sixty years with two children, they have traveled extensively throughout the world meeting new friends and sharing the love of God.



By Dr. Foster H. Shannon

The nineteen chapters of this book derive from an inductive study of the Bible to determine what the Bible itself sets forth as of most importance. This is a first rate work for training lay people and for study groups. Each chapter concludes with a short bibliography and discussion questions. It is easily adaptable for small groups. It is also an excellent resource for a sermon or teaching series.  ISBN 0-938462-14-8 Soft Cover / 192 pages

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REASONABLE FAITH, William Lane Craig


REASONABLE FAITH, William Lane Craig, Crossway Books
This is the third edition (2008) of a great book on Christian Apologetics. Dr. William Lane Craig is research professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, California. This is one of the best current books on apologetics available. The author deals ably with present day objections to Christianity: How do I know Christianity is true?; The absurdity of life without God; The existence of God (1 & 2); The problem of historical knowledge; The problem of miracles; The self-understanding of Jesus; The resurrection of Jesus; The ultimate apologetic. “It is hard to overstate the impact that William Lane Craig has had for the cause of Christ. He is simply the finest Christian apologist of the last half-century, and his academic work justifies ranking him among the top one percent of practicing philosophers in the Western world. I do not know of a single thinker who has done more to raise the bar of Christian scholarship in our generation than Craig.” (J. P. Moreland)
ISBN 1-4335-0115-5 Soft Cover 415 pages
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So You Want to Study the Bible?

By Dr. Foster H. Shannon
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This book is written especially for people who want to know about the Bible, but are uncertain how to begin or who want more help on the way. It provides the essential information for getting underway in Bible study. It includes a one year Bible reading plan to get the reader established in his or her long term plan for Bible study. It provides encouragement and guidance for digging into the Bible. It is written with confidence in the full inspiration and authority of the entire Bible. It provides a framework for understanding the relationships of the parts of the Bible to the whole. Much of the material is intended as a continuing reference for Bible study. An excellent first book for introducing people to the Bible, and for encouraging renewal in Bible study. ISBN 0-938462-20-2 Soft Cover / 64 pages Retail $4.99   $3.24 – ALL BOOKS 35% discount!

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