Coloring to Soothe & Brighten Your Day

Happy Spring To All!

Two Coloring Books to Brighten your Day!

We never realized how vibrant the Adult coloring book trend was until we sold out all of our new coloring books at the Christian Ministries Training Association Convention (CMTA) in Pasadena a few weeks ago.
CMTA even had a seminar on the benefits of coloring, which included the soothing, and calming effect one experiences when coloring.


The power of prayer is combined with the power of art, in
Prayers to Color & Brighten Your Day


Each of the 47 illustrations to be colored in includes a short inspirational phrase incorporated into the art, with passages from the Bible, as well as the words of notable figures such as Christina Rossetti, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.
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Psalms to Color and Soothe the Soul allows readers to express their praise for God by coloring in 47 beautiful scenes that include passages from the Book of Psalms.


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Our Price: ONLY $6.50 each + free shipping!
(Must purchase 2 or more books)

Ready to try coloring for relaxation and be inspired by the prayers and verses you color?
Order soon before we sell out again.

Good Coloring to All!

Special Bargains!

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God's Green Liniment


A delightful story of Alice, an Illinois farm girl of Swedish immigrant parents; her exciting adventures, dramatic recovery from polio, and warm family
relationships of people with a firm faith in God. It is so real you can smell the cooking in the kitchen and feel the lugging of farm machinery. To be read with enjoyment by everyone, but especially for children ages 9-14. Illustrated
by Avis Johnson Thomas


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God is Light; A Case for Christianity Today  

God is Light; A Case for Christianity Today  
By Foster H. Shannon, pastor, author and teacher. WAS $12.99 -NOW only $1.00!

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GOD IS LIGHT: A Case for Christianity Today
This fresh and positive apologetic for biblical Christianity deals with many of the critical questions asked about the Christian religion. There are three main sections: “The Intellect and the Bible”, “The Moral Order and the Bible”, “The Bible and Life and Hope”. An excellent book to give to honest inquirers and ideal for study groups. Profound in thought, but lucid in presentation.  Soft Cover / 240 pages
Retail Price $12.99

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How the West Really Lost God

How The West Lost God

If you want to understand the importance of the family factor in the decline of Western Christianity over the decades, then this book is highly recommended: How The West Really Lost God: A New Theory in Secularization by Mary Eberstadt

The book’s premise is simple: As the decline of the traditional family fractured, so did Christianity.

Mary Eberstadt seeks to answer the question “How and why has Christianity really come to decline in important parts of the West?”Mary Eberstadt seeks to answer the question “How and why has Christianity really come to decline in important parts of the West?”

Drawing on sociology, history, demography, theology, literature, and many other sources, the author shows that family decline and religious decline have gone hand in hand in the Western world in a way that has not been understood before—that they are, as she puts it in a striking new image summarizing the book’s thesis, “the double helix of society, each dependent on the strength of the other for successful reproduction.”

She teaches us how to bring health to our families and to our nation.

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Soft Cover 257 pages

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7 Women and the Secret of their Greatness, by Eric Metaxas

Like his very successful book, 7 Men And the Secret of Their Greatness, New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas gives us the wonderful stories of seven outstanding Christian Women in history: Joan of Arc, Susanna Wesley, Hannah More, Saint Maria of Paris, Corrie ten Boom, Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa.  The stories are informative, an example to us, and encouraging to read about lives shaped by the truth of the gospel.

ISBN 978-0-7180-2183-2 Hard Cover 215 pages           

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Foster Shannon’s Classics, GOD IS LIGHT, and The GOD IS LIGHT Study Guide, available together at this special price for a limited time.  A $15 value.

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GOD IS LIGHT by Foster H. Shannon

This fresh and positive apologetic for biblical Christianity deals with many of the critical questions asked about the Christian religion. There are three main sections: “The Intellect and the Bible”, “The Moral Order and the Bible”, “The Bible and Life and Hope”. An excellent book to give to honest inquirers and ideal for study groups. Profound in thought, but lucid in presentation. Twenty illustrations. ISBN 0-938462-00-8 Soft Cover / 240 pages, Retail Price$12.99

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The God is Light Study Guide by Foster H. Shannon

The God is Light Study Guide is designed for use by study groups of from 12 to 16 weeks. This study will help to bring the inquiring to Christ. It will strengthen the believer in their faith, and equip them to bear more effective witness for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Study Guide features a brief summary of each chapter of Foster’s classic, GOD IS LIGHT with discussion questions and bibliography. ISBN 0-938462-16-4 Soft Cover / 36 pages.

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Disputed Issues (Contending for Christian Faith in Today’s Academic Setting)

DisputedIssuesDisputed Issues (Contending for Christian Faith in Today’s Academic Setting)
, Stephen T. Davis, Baylor University Press

This is an outstanding apologetic by Dr. Stephen Davis, Pitzer professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College. He engages with many of the critical arguments made against Christianity at the academic level, in our day. He understands what those in the academic world are thinking, and ably refutes their arguments. Sixteen chapters contend with various lines of criticism against the Bible including: Should We Believe The Jesus Seminar?; Have the Infidels Refuted the Resurrection?; Should Evangelicals Be Pluralists?; Is “Survival of Death” Coherent? “Disputed Issues should be required reading for all thoughtful students, philosophers, theologians, and seminarians who are interested in exploring the cogency of Christian faith in light of contemporary criticism”.~ Charles Taliaferro, Professor Of Philosophy, St. Olaf College.

ISBN 978-1-60258-151-7 Soft Cover 250 pages

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JESUS ON TRIAL (A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel)

David Limbaugh, Regnery

This is an excellent general apologetic by a Christian attorney. He is a nationally syndicated columnist; the author of five New York Times bestsellers: Absolute Power, Persecution, Bankrupt, The Great Destroyer, and the #1 bestseller, Crimes Against Liberty.  He approaches the final days of Jesus with the mind of an attorney: what are the facts, does the evidence stand up, are the witnesses to the resurrection reliable?  He makes the case for the reliability of the Bible as God’s word.  He deals with and refutes criticisms against Jesus and the Bible.  He presents a powerful argument for the dependability and reliability of Christianity.

ISBN 978-1-62157-255-8    Hard Cover   410 pages   Retail $17.99

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William J Bennett is a former Secretary of Education in the Reagan Administration This book presents a comprehensive survey of the college/university scene in the United States.

Dr. Bennett feels strongly that it is erroneous to propose that everyone should get a college degree. He points out that training is offered or should be offered in perhaps as many as forty businesses, technical instrumental operations, health service specialties, and construction skills—where many will find a career that will produce a lifetime net income higher than that of many college graduates (especially so when the cost of paying off student loans is subtracted).

He states that of the 35,000 colleges and universities in the United States, only 1,500 are worth the money! He gives substantial information on the best schools, opportunities for scholarships, and alternate college level programs that are focused on job preparation. It has valuable information on colleges with a Christian worldview.

From The Washington Times Review of the book: “ College has simply become too expensive. What killed it is explained by the ‘Bennett Hypothesis’: College tuition will rise as long as the amount of money available through federal student aid continues to increase with little or no accountability’. We have created a subprime higher-education bubble and Mr. Bennett and Mr. Wilezol aim to let some of the air out of it”.

When approximately 50% of unemployed Americans* have attended college or are college graduates, the answer to “Is College Worth It?” might be found in Dr. Bennett’s book.


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Christmas Ideas for Kids!

Dear Friends, 
Have a long Christmas List and looking for ideas?  
At Green Leaf Press, we encourage giving a book that inspires, educates, challenges, or entertains with a Christian perspective!  
This week, we are providing Bible recommendations for the children and young adults on your list.  These books were selected for their appeal to various age groups and reading levels. 
Bibles for Children and Young Adults:  
Bible Story Book for ages 4-7:
This has to be the very best Bible storybook for children who are too young to read for themselves. Virtually every page contains the most engaging and colorful illustrations. Kids respond to the bold, humorous depictions of Bible characters ,and easy-to-understand stories. Contains 106 Bible stories  based on the New International Reader’s Version for Kids. Younger children will enjoy studying the pictures and watching the words as parents read them; early readers may want to read the stories on their own. .  An excellent teaching aid for Beginners and Kindergarten Departments.  And, of course, a great gift to give to a child! 

Hard Cover / 448 pages  

Retail Price $16.99   Our Price: $11.04 + free shipping
Bible Story Book for ages 7-11:

Every child needs the Bible stories created just for them; a book that tells the essential stories of our faith in a simple, engaging way that kids will understand. God’s Story for Me will help your children fall in love with the Bible!  It is packed with 104 all-time favorite Bible stories, each illustrated with colorful, inviting pictures that make the story come alive in a child’s mind. 

Hard Cover    521 Pages
retail price: $16.99   
 Our Price: $11.04 + free shipping

Bible for ages 12-19:

This is the full NIV Bible from Genesis to Revelations with the vocabulary somewhat simplified. The Adventure Bible takes the reader on a fun, exciting journey through God’s Word.  This Bible introduces new people and new places to the reader.

Here’s a quick tour through the features:
‘Life in Bible Times’ Articles and illustrations describe what life was like in ancient days. 
‘People in Bible Times’ offer close-up looks at amazing people of the Bible.
‘Did You Know?’ provides interesting facts that help you better understand God’s Word. 
‘Let’s Live It!’ include hands-on activities to help you apply biblical truths to your life. 
‘Words to Treasure’ highlight great verses to memorize. 
A Dictionary/Concordance for those tricky words. Introductions with basic facts about each book of the Bible (who wrote it, where it took place, and why it was written). 20 color pages with games, a scavenger hunt, and other Bible fun, with a jungle safari theme. 8 pages of color maps.

Hardcover   1500 pages

Retail price $27.99.     OUR PRICE: $18.19 + FREE SHIPPING

Pictorial Bible Story Book for 9 yr. olds – Teens:

This is the most complete picture Bible ever; The Action Bible presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flow .
Internationally recognized artist Sergio Cariello has created attention-holding illustrations that capture the interest of both the young reader and teens.  Kids will learn in an entertaining way that helps bring the stories of the Bible to life. This compelling blend of clear writing plus dramatic images offers an appeal that crosses all age boundaries.
Also a great book to read before bedtime or as a family.  This is our  best seller for sure!

Hardcover, 750 pages 

Retail price: $24.99     Our Price: $16.24 + free shipping
Order today for Christmas delivery.

Enjoy This Joyous Season,

Foster H. Shannon, Founder & President
Green Leaf Press, Inc.
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