Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity


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In Foster Shannon’s eighth book, Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity, he has written the essential sourcebook for Christians to strengthen one’s faith, providing a more informed understanding of Christianity for those still not sure and challenging non- believers to question their choices.

Throughout his 50+ years of pastoral experience, questions have been asked and theories challenged about Christianity. Doctor Shannon’s insightful answers to these often asked questions are now shared in this book. Thirteen chapters focus on the worthiness and reliability of the Bible, the future of Christianity and how to live a Christian lifestyle in today’s secular world. Including:

Why are some people eternally separated from God?

How do we know that the Bible is the inspired word of God?

How should Christians live in an increasingly secular age?

What will bring spiritual renewal to the individual and to the Church?

Complete with Index of Topic and Bible Quotations. This book will make you think!

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Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity by Foster H. Shannon

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Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity is an essential handbook for every Christian. Foster Shannon provides deep spiritual knowledge of present day issues while remaining practical and engaging.  This book should be a part of every Christian’s library and a reference tool for answering those questions that might be posed by both non-believers and other Christians.” ~Dr. Christie Curtis, Professor, Biola University

About The AuthorFoster_headshot_sm
Dr. Foster H. Shannon is the Founder and President of Green Leaf Press, a non-profit ministry that encourages reading books that help to defend Christianity and encourage Christian living.

Shannon graduated from the University of Californ
ia, Berkeley in political science and obtained a Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary in church growth. 

An avid swimmer, reader and lover of good music, Foster is also an enthusiastic fan of the Chicago Cubs and the California Bears. Married to his wife Janis for over sixty years with two children, they have traveled extensively throughout the world meeting new friends and sharing the love of God.

Disputed Issues (Contending for Christian Faith in Today’s Academic Setting)

DisputedIssuesDisputed Issues (Contending for Christian Faith in Today’s Academic Setting)
, Stephen T. Davis, Baylor University Press

This is an outstanding apologetic by Dr. Stephen Davis, Pitzer professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College. He engages with many of the critical arguments made against Christianity at the academic level, in our day. He understands what those in the academic world are thinking, and ably refutes their arguments. Sixteen chapters contend with various lines of criticism against the Bible including: Should We Believe The Jesus Seminar?; Have the Infidels Refuted the Resurrection?; Should Evangelicals Be Pluralists?; Is “Survival of Death” Coherent? “Disputed Issues should be required reading for all thoughtful students, philosophers, theologians, and seminarians who are interested in exploring the cogency of Christian faith in light of contemporary criticism”.~ Charles Taliaferro, Professor Of Philosophy, St. Olaf College.

ISBN 978-1-60258-151-7 Soft Cover 250 pages

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The author has done us a great favor in giving a very fascinating and encouraging account of seven courageous men in short story form. He notes that each of them made hard choices and sacrifices to achieve a greater good. We can admire them, and we can learn from them. In seven chapters he tells us about George Washington, William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire), Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jackie Robinson, Pope John Paul II, and Charles W. Colson. All were Christians. The experiences of each of these men are remarkable. The chapter on George Washington, alone, is worth the price of the book.

Here’s another recommendation and perspective on the book:
“What is true manhood? And what makes a man in our 21st century? These are vital questions that my friend Eric Metaxas helps us wrestle with in this great new book. In looking back to seven outstanding men of history, Eric helps us understand the essential elements of manhood in any age. This is a superb work- and I highly recommend it”. -The Hon. Gregory W. Slayton, author of the national bestseller, “Be a Better Dad Today”.
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By James S. Jeffer’s (InterVarsity)

Do you want to know the background of the world in which Jesus, the apostles, and the early church lived? Jeffer’s book is the best single volume about that period. It tells us about the Roman government, how the people lived, the structures of society and the military, the major role played by slavery. It tells us of education, the family, the cities, the road systems, the means of travel and of communication. An indispensable book that will greatly enhance the study of the Bible!

ISBN 0-8308-1589-9 Soft Cover 352 pages

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7strongreasons_sm(Second Edition, released 2005) Foster H. ShannonThis book of seven chapters presents a convincing case for believing in Jesus Christ:

  1. The Reality of God
  2. The Trustworthiness of the Bible 
  3. The Moral Imperative
  4. The Prophecies of the Messiah
  5. The Biblical Analysis of Human Nature
  6. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  7. The Person of Jesus Christ

Especially designed as a tool of outreach and evangelism. An excellent instrument to train believers to be more effective in their witness. Should be purchased in quantity and given to church members to strengthen their witness to others. 

ISBN 0-938462-23-7 Soft Cover / 86 pages

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THE GOOD LIFE, by Chuck Colson

The Goodlife, by Charles Colson

 This is surely one of Charles Colson’s best! By telling the stories of people that he knows (including himself) he touches our lives and encourages us. In thirty chapters he depicts our spiritual struggles, failures, difficulties and triumphs. He powerfully illustrates that the good life derives from God, and that true happiness is found only in Jesus Christ.394 pages. Hard Cover, Retail Price $24.99

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MERE CHRISTIANITY, C. S. Lewis (Harper Collins)

Lewis wrote more than a score of books, but if a person were to read only one, then Mere Christianity should be the book. Dr. Lewis states his purpose in the Preface, “Ever since I became a Christian, I have thought that best, perhaps the only, service I could do for my unbelieving neighbours was to explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times.” This classic book is surely one of the best ever to encourage belief in Christ. 

250 pages

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TRANSFORMING CHURCH, by Kevin G. Ford, David C. Cook


TRANSFORMING CHURCH  By Kevin G. Ford, David C. Cook

This book is brimming with expert analyses of commitments and cultures that will help churches brake free from the log jams that hinder them—to attain new life, joyful ministry, and increasing effectiveness. Not only are the principles of transformation enunciated, but the stories of several churches that have moved from stagnation to vibrancy are told. One key to positive change is to gain an understanding of the “code” of the church. Usually that code has grown over many years and become well rooted. If not understood, it will make the church seem inflexible and fixed on the past. Once understood, it provides a foundation for reevaluation, spiritual renewal, and growth. Once a church has a clear compelling mission and picture of the future, it can develop focused strategies to begin moving toward the vision.

ISBN 978-1-4347-6704-2 Soft Cover 283 pages

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The Adventure Bible (Zondervan) is a full bible with simplified vocabulary for children through grades 3 to 8. Includes illustrations, dictionary, an intro to each book of the Bible and colorful summaries on key themes. Hardcover

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The Chronicles of Narnia C.S. Lewis (Harper Collins)

The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis (Harper Collins)
Seven paperback volumes in an attractive box. Book 1, The Magician’s Nephew; Book 2, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe; Book 3, The Horse and His Boy; Book 4, Prince Caspian; Book 5, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; Book 6, The Silver Chair; Book 7, The Last Battle.

This is a children’s classic.The recommended reading level is ages 9-12, but the set is truly for all ages. “Just as Lucy steps into the enchanted and frozen world of Narnia in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, so will you be drawn into this world, where a witch decrees eternal winter; where there are more talking animals than people; and where battles are fought by Centaurs, Giants, and Fauns.”

“One of the very few sets of books that should be read three times: In childhood, early adulthood, and late in life. In brief, for children travel repeatedly to a world in which they are far more than mere children and everything is far more than it seems. Richly told, populated with fascinating characters, perfectly realized in detail of word and pacing of plot, and profoundly allegorical, the story is infused throughout, with the timeless issues of good and evil, faith and hope.”

Clive Staples Lewis, was born in Belfast, Ireland, in 1898. As a child, he was fascinated by the fairy tales, myths, and ancient legends recounted to him by his Irish nurse. The image of a faun carrying parcels and an umbrella in a snowy wood came to him when he was sixteen. Many years later, the faun was joined by an evil queen and a magnificent lion. Their story became The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. Six further Chronicles of Narnia followed, and the final title, The Last Battle, was awarded the United Kingdom’s prestigious Carnegie Award.”

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