Disputed Issues (Contending for Christian Faith in Today’s Academic Setting)

DisputedIssuesDisputed Issues (Contending for Christian Faith in Today’s Academic Setting)
, Stephen T. Davis, Baylor University Press

This is an outstanding apologetic by Dr. Stephen Davis, Pitzer professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College. He engages with many of the critical arguments made against Christianity at the academic level, in our day. He understands what those in the academic world are thinking, and ably refutes their arguments. Sixteen chapters contend with various lines of criticism against the Bible including: Should We Believe The Jesus Seminar?; Have the Infidels Refuted the Resurrection?; Should Evangelicals Be Pluralists?; Is “Survival of Death” Coherent? “Disputed Issues should be required reading for all thoughtful students, philosophers, theologians, and seminarians who are interested in exploring the cogency of Christian faith in light of contemporary criticism”.~ Charles Taliaferro, Professor Of Philosophy, St. Olaf College.

ISBN 978-1-60258-151-7 Soft Cover 250 pages

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Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, IVP, Philip Johnson

DefeatingDarwinismDefeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, IVP, Philip Johnson

We have a fine catalogue of books dealing with the misleading assumptions and affirmations by the Darwinists. This is an issue that can be studied in considerable depth. If you want a single book that sums up the issue concisely and clearly- this is the book. We recommend all of Philip Johnson’s books and many others- but you will find a clear and understandable argument regarding the errors of Darwinism in this book.

ISBN 0-8308-1360-8 Soft Cover 131 pages


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WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, David W. Bebbington, Eerdmans Publishing Co.

William-Ewart-GladstoneWILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE, David W. Bebbington, Eerdmans Publishing Co.

This is a terrific life story about an aristocratic man in Great Britain in the 1800’s.  His participation on Parliament, in the Church, and in the society of his day had profound effects.  He is an outstanding example of a Christian applying his Christian beliefs at the highest levels of government.  He served in Parliament for more than sixty years and as Prime Minister for four different periods during the reign of Queen Victoria.

From the book:  “Gladstone was a highly gifted man with a striking appearance.  In his earlier years he was slim, erect, and had tousled black hair.  In his old age, observers were most impressed by the majestic forehead and the piercing eye that made opponents quail.  His mind was sharp, his memory excellent, and from an early age he was trained in precise reasoning.  He worked formidably hard, applying himself to paperwork for long hours at a time.  As Prime Minister in the 1880’s, when he had the help of only four secretaries, he composed some twenty thousand letters a year.  He was also an effective speaker.”

ISBN0-8028-0152-8    Soft Cover    270 Pages

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The Screwtape Letters  C . S. Lewis (Baker Harper/SF)

This book remains one of the best (imaginary) accounts of our personal individual struggles with evil, and of the designs of the enemy upon every person. Part of the genius of Lewis is that he deals with a subject that can be overbearing with a light touch. The Screwtape Letters aid the reader in better understand one’s self in the struggle to love and obey God. 

ISBN 0-06-065293-4 Soft Cover / 220 pages

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What’s Darwin Got To Do With It?

whats darwin got to do with it

What’s Darwin Got To Do With It?  

Robert C. Newman & John C. Weister (InterVarsity)

Especially for ages 14 – 18. Primarily in comic book style with some narrative interspersed. Makes the case for Intelligent design in an appealing and fair manner. Features a friendly conversation on evolution between two proffessors (Linda and Dr. Teller). A most significant book for young people.

ISBN 0-8308-2249-6 Soft Cover 152 pages

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By James S. Jeffer’s (InterVarsity)

Do you want to know the background of the world in which Jesus, the apostles, and the early church lived? Jeffer’s book is the best single volume about that period. It tells us about the Roman government, how the people lived, the structures of society and the military, the major role played by slavery. It tells us of education, the family, the cities, the road systems, the means of travel and of communication. An indispensable book that will greatly enhance the study of the Bible!

ISBN 0-8308-1589-9 Soft Cover 352 pages

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One Hundred Years of Ministry:


By Graham Baird

Finally! Practical solutions for pastors and church leaders when dealing with challenges of modern church life:

  • Questions of calling
  • Financial scrapes
  • Marital Juggling Acts
  • Elder board challenges

 If one doesn’t exist, then this book should be considered THE Manual to be placed in every church, minister  and seminary  library. Practical, relevant and loaded with stories and  memorable insights from  four generations of ministry  experiences from Graham’s father, grandfather and great grandfather. Reading this book is like having a seasoned veteran backing you up. Graham writes in a lively, entertaining style. The anecdotes provide meaningful answers to everyday concerns and issues that face churches today. This expert in New Church Development shows great skill in giving us the “best learning” from four generations of pastors who served over 100 years and were successful in their endeavors. Graham’s book is practical, inspiring and loaded with humor, colorful stories and memorable insights from four generations of ministry experiences. The anecdotes from Graham’s father, grandfather and great-grandfather provide meaningful answers to everyday concerns and issues that face churches and its leaders today.

Read how Graham’s church motto “NO Perfect People Allowed” and his 100 Years of Ministry experience have helped him build a church that thrives.Rev. Graham Baird is the senior Pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs, CO.  Graham previously served as the founding pastor of Highlands Church in Paso Robles, CA.


Graham Baird is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary with a Master’s of Divinity.  He is a fourth generation Presbyterian minister, and his book is based on the preaching legacy of his family: Father ( Pastor Don), Grandfather (Pastor James), and Great-Grandfather (Pastor Jesse) and his own ministry experiences.  Graham is currently enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry Program at Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is a nationally sought after speaker and won the National Oratory Championship in 1990.  He also enjoys fly-fishing and is an avid bagpipe player.  Graham lives with his wife Star and daughters Haley and Sheena Skye Baird.

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186 pages, Soft Cover, ISBN  978-0-938462-25-5


MERE CHRISTIANITY, C. S. Lewis (Harper Collins)

Lewis wrote more than a score of books, but if a person were to read only one, then Mere Christianity should be the book. Dr. Lewis states his purpose in the Preface, “Ever since I became a Christian, I have thought that best, perhaps the only, service I could do for my unbelieving neighbours was to explain and defend the belief that has been common to nearly all Christians at all times.” This classic book is surely one of the best ever to encourage belief in Christ. 

250 pages

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TRANSFORMING CHURCH, by Kevin G. Ford, David C. Cook


TRANSFORMING CHURCH  By Kevin G. Ford, David C. Cook

This book is brimming with expert analyses of commitments and cultures that will help churches brake free from the log jams that hinder them—to attain new life, joyful ministry, and increasing effectiveness. Not only are the principles of transformation enunciated, but the stories of several churches that have moved from stagnation to vibrancy are told. One key to positive change is to gain an understanding of the “code” of the church. Usually that code has grown over many years and become well rooted. If not understood, it will make the church seem inflexible and fixed on the past. Once understood, it provides a foundation for reevaluation, spiritual renewal, and growth. Once a church has a clear compelling mission and picture of the future, it can develop focused strategies to begin moving toward the vision.

ISBN 978-1-4347-6704-2 Soft Cover 283 pages

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The Adventure Bible (Zondervan) is a full bible with simplified vocabulary for children through grades 3 to 8. Includes illustrations, dictionary, an intro to each book of the Bible and colorful summaries on key themes. Hardcover

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