JESUS ON TRIAL (A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel)

David Limbaugh, Regnery

This is an excellent general apologetic by a Christian attorney. He is a nationally syndicated columnist; the author of five New York Times bestsellers: Absolute Power, Persecution, Bankrupt, The Great Destroyer, and the #1 bestseller, Crimes Against Liberty.  He approaches the final days of Jesus with the mind of an attorney: what are the facts, does the evidence stand up, are the witnesses to the resurrection reliable?  He makes the case for the reliability of the Bible as God’s word.  He deals with and refutes criticisms against Jesus and the Bible.  He presents a powerful argument for the dependability and reliability of Christianity.

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THE RAGE AGAINST GOD, by Peter Hitchens.

Peter Hitchens is the brother of rabid atheist, Christopher Hitchens. Both were born in England and raised by parents that believed in God. Evidently though raised together, they were not close. Both turned from a Trotskyite socialism to political and economic conservatism. Both began as atheists at about ten years of age. Christopher became an increasingly fierce atheist as he grew older. In 2007, he published, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.

His brother, Peter, became disillusioned both with socialism and atheism—and over a period of time became a Christian. His book, The Rage Against God is a compelling apologetic for Christianity. He is a superb writer, immediately engages the reader, and presents the case for Christianity from a personal point of view. He is very well read. His thinking is comprehensive. Overall this book makes a compelling case for believing in the Bible and in Jesus Christ.

The first section of the book, Part 1, is autobiographical, explaining Peter’s journey from faithlessness to strong faith in Jesus Christ. Part 2 “Addressing the Three Failed Arguments of Atheism” deals with the following refutations of Atheistic arguments;

  1. Is Christianity responsible for many of the wars in the world?
  2. Is it possible to have a sound moral and legal system without God?
  3. Are atheistic political leaders somehow not influenced by their atheism?

Part 3 is entitled: “The League of the Militant Godless”.
Peter Hitchens effectively refutes the claims of atheists that the atheistic philosophy of the Communist rulers had nothing to do with the murderous cruelty of Communist governments. He states, “Soviet power was, as it was intended to be, the opposite of faith in God. It was faith in the greatness of humanity and in the perfectibility of human society. The atheists cannot honestly disown it.”

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In an engaging and user friendly way, Turek shows how many atheistic arguments, instead of disproving God, reveal that He actually exists. 

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The nineteen chapters of this book come from an inductive study of the Bible to determine what the Bible itself sets forth as of most importance. This is a first rate work for training lay people and for study groups. Each chapter concludes with a short bibliography and discussion questions, easily adaptable for small groups. It is also an excellent resource for a sermon or teaching series!

ISBN 0-938462-14-8 Soft Cover / 192 pages

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God's Green Liniment


A delightful story of Alice, an Illinois farm girl of Swedish immigrant parents; her exciting adventures, dramatic recovery from polio, and warm family
relationships of people with a firm faith in God. It is so real you can smell the cooking in the kitchen and feel the lugging of farm machinery. To be read with enjoyment by everyone, but especially for children ages 9-14. Illustrated
by Avis Johnson Thomas

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God is Light; A Case for Christianity Today  

GOD IS LIGHT, by Dr. Foster H. Shannon, A Case for Christianity Today.  This fresh and positive apologetic deals with many of the critical questions asked about the Christian religion. There are three main sections: “The Intellect and the Bible”, “The Moral Order and the Bible”, “The Bible and Life and Hope”. An excellent book to give to honest inquirers and ideal for study groups. Profound in thought, but lucid in presentation.  Soft Cover / 240 pages
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The God is Light Study Guide by Foster H. Shannon

The God is Light Study Guide is a companion work designed to be used with Foster Shannon’s classic, God is Light, (available here). Ideal for study groups of from 12 to 16 weeks, this study will help to bring people to Christ, strengthen believers, and equip them to be a more effective witness for the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Study Guide features a brief summary of each chapter of God is Light with discussion questions and bibliography. ISBN 0-938462-16-4 Soft Cover / 36 pages

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