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100 Years of  Ministry, by Graham BairdONE HUNDRED YEARS OF MINISTRY,

A Practical Guide for Pastors and Church leaders

By Graham Baird

Finally! Practical solutions for pastors and church leaders when dealing with challenges of modern church life:

  • Questions of calling
  • Financial scrapes
  • Marital Juggling Acts
  • Elder board challenges

This book should be considered THE Church Manual to place in every church, minister and seminary  library.  Practical, relevant and loaded with stories and  memorable insights from  four generations of ministry  experiences from Graham’s father, grandfather and great grandfather. Reading this book is like having a seasoned veteran backing you up. Read more…

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186 pages, Soft Cover, ISBN  978-0-938462-25-5

God Is Alive And Well (The Future of Religion in America) by Dr. Frank Newport
“Grounded in more than a million Gallup interviews, the book shows that not only do a majority of Americans believe in God and say that religion is important—but that religion is intertwined in most aspects of their daily lives.  It’s entirely possible, Newport argues, that religion will be even more important in the years ahead.” (read more)Indispensable for all pastors and leaders.Hardcover 268 pages, Retail Price  $24.95/ Our price: $16.20 + free shipping!


By Foster H. Shannon.  A must read for church leaders and ministries who want to keep ahead of challenges they face.  more…

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Begin moving toward spiritual renewal, and growth. Once a church has a clear compelling mission and picture of the future, it can begin moving toward the vision… more…$14.99

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By Rick Warren…

Warren says, ‘If you will concentrate on building people, God will build the church.’ The Purpose Driven Church provides a blueprint and a focus for pastors and church leaders… more….$14.15

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