The Scroll With Seven Seals (What the Book of Revelation Really Says), Foster H. Shannon (Dr. Shannon interviewed on his groundbreaking book- click to see the interview)
A fresh look at the book of Revelation is provided by Dr. Shannon's most recent book. It is intended to encourage the general reader to become a student of one of the most important books in the Bible. It includes eight outstanding illustrations by Emmy Award winning artist, Ruth Elliott. The Introduction and Background sections lay the groundwork for a careful, informed reading of the book. In an explanation of the contents of Revelation many of the problems that the reader will encounter are clarified to lead to enjoyable reading and easier understanding. The process that led to the contents of the book was inductive study; not imposing pre-conceived concepts on Revelation, but taking care at every turn to present the message contained in the book as clearly as possible. As a result, it presents a fresh perspective on Revelation.
Many of the warnings of Revelation are seen, not in a fatalistic sense, but as presenting the hope of redemption to those who will heed its message. Revelation begins in the first century with the early church, proceeds through history until the return of Christ, and warns of cataclysmic events prior to that return.
It is essentially a book of hope for Christians that their Savior will be with them in whatever trials and difficulties are ahead, and that an absolutely glorious future awaits them in Christ's coming kingdom. It is a book of hope for the unbelieving, in that it warns of the consequences of persisting in unbelief and consistently affirms God's invitation to believe in him and drink of the waters that he generously offers.
ISBN 0-93846-22-9 Soft Cover 120 pages
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So You Want to Study the Bible Foster H. Shannon

This book is written especially for people who want to know about the Bible, but are uncertain how to begin or who want more help on the way. It provides the essential information for getting underway in Bible study. It includes a one year Bible reading plan to get the reader established in his or her long term plan for Bible study. It provides encouragement and guidance for digging into the Bible. It is written with confidence in the full inspiration and authority of the entire Bible. It provides a framework for understanding the relationships of the parts of the Bible to the whole. Much of the material is intended as a continuing reference for Bible study. An excellent first book for introducing people to the Bible, and for encouraging renewal in Bible study. ISBN 0-938462-20-2 Soft Cover / 64 pages Retail $4.99   $3.24 - ALL BOOKS 35% discount!

The Major Themes of the Bible

Foster H. Shannon
The nineteen chapters of this book derive from an inductive study of the Bible to determine what the Bible itself sets forth as of most importance. This is a first rate work for training lay people and for study groups. Each chapter concludes with a short bibliography and discussion questions. It is easily adaptable for small groups. It is also an excellent resource for a sermon or teaching series.  ISBN 0-938462-14-8 Soft Cover / 192 pages Retail $12.95   $6.00 - SPECIAL discount!

Seven Strong Reasons Why You Should Believe in Jesus Christ (Second Edition, released 2005) Foster H. Shannon
This book of seven chapters presents a convincing case for believing in Jesus Christ: 1. The Reality of God, 2. The Trustworthiness of the Bible, 3. The Moral Imperative, 4.The Prophecies of the Messiah 5. The Biblical Analysis of Human Nature, 6. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, 7. The Person of Jesus Christ. Especially designed as a tool of outreach and evangelism. An excellent instrument to train believers to be more effective in their witness. Should be purchased in quantity and given to church members to strengthen their witness to others. ISBN 0-938462-23-7 Soft Cover / 86 pages  Retail $9.00  $5.85 - ALL BOOKS 35% discount!

New Bible Commentary (21st Century Edition) Edited by G.J. Wenham , J.A. Motyer , D.A. Carson , and R.T. France (InterVarsity )

Offers solid, concise, up-to-date evangelical commentaries on each book of the Bible plus seven introductory articles on various aspects of Bible interpretation. A Christianity Today award winner. ISBN 0-8308-1442-6 Hard Cover / 1,340 pages Retail $45.00   $29.25 - ALL BOOKS 35% discount!

New Bible Dictionary (3rd Edition) Edited by I. Howard Marshall, A.R. Millard, J. I. Packer, and D.J. Wiseman (Third Edition) (InterVarsity)

The third edition brings this classic work up-to-date with the latest developments in biblical studies, ancient Near Eastern studies and archaeological finds. Covers every significant word and concept in the Bible. One hundred of the most important articles and all of the bibliographies have been revised. ISBN 0-8308-1439-6 Hard Cover/ 1,326 pages Retail $45.00   $29.25 - ALL BOOKS 35% discount!

The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era, James S. Jeffer's (InterVarsity)
Do you want to know the background of the world in which Jesus, the apostles, and the early church lived? Jeffer's book is the best single volume about that period. It tells us about the Roman government, how the people lived, the structures of society and the military, the major role played by slavery. It tells us of education, the family, the cities, the road systems, the means of travel and of communication. An indispensable book that will greatly enhance the study of the Bible!
ISBN 0-8308-1589-9 Soft Cover 352 pages Retail $20.00   $13.00 - ALL BOOKS 35% discount!


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