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Introducing Early Christianity

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by Laurie Guy (InterVarsity Press)

This book is invaluable for the study of the growth and development of the Christian Church in the first five centuries A.D. It gives a valuable perspective on the first 500 years of the church that enriches what is learned from other church histories dealing with this period. It confirms the early selection of the twenty-seven books of the New Testament by the church. It explains the development of three distinctive ranks in the clergy: bishop, presbyter, and deacon. The evolution of the primacy of bishops in all of the major cities is clearly explained. It depicts the influence of the growing monastic movement from the second century onward with unusual clarity. The monastic movement embraced the spiritual superiority of celibacy over marriage and frequently the practice of arduous disciplines which had great influence on the church in succeeding centuries.. If you are interested in the early history of the Christian Church, this book is a must for you!

ISBN 970-0-8308-3942-1 Soft Cover 310 pages

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